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G.F Smith - Marr's Green, the world's favourite colour!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

What’s your favourite colour?

It's such a subjective thing. As a teenager we may like moody and dark colours, as adults we may be drawn to a different colour pallets completely. Our colour inclination changes with our emotions and age. G.F. Smith set out to find the world's favourite colour. What they found were the emotions people were connecting to their favourite colour.

It was the largest colour study ever conducted. Through social activation, PR and editorial (articles based on the opinions of eight specially chosen creative ‘ambassadors’), G.F. Smith directed people to The project was inclusive and personal, and the outcome was to that the chosen colour would become part of the iconic Colorplan paper range – and – G.F Smith would partner with manufacturers in the development of products designed in the world’s favourite colour.

The result? Announced at G.F Smith’s “Paper City” exhibition at Hull, UK City of Culture 2017, the winner was Marrs Green, a shade of teal reminiscent of parts of the Scottish landscape.

The Research Results

Computer data was collected and than interpreted by Professor Anna Franklin Director, (Sussex Colour Group) School of Psychology, University of Sussex. The results have been published in The World's Favourite Colour Book.

This book is beautifully presented with extremely useful colour charts throughout and the emotions associated with the individual colours.

Any designer / design studio would love this book. I know I do and I am only short of spiriting it away from the office but I won't ha ha.

Available to order email your enquiry


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