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Cocoa Paper™ - An Amazing New Eco - efficient Paper

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The packaging market faces big challenges in today's society. People are informed about how our waste is effecting the earth. Manufacturers can no longer claim ignorance of the problem of man made products like plastics and plastic coatings in the packaging industry. Solutions are now being demanded. This Cocoa Paper meets that demand, it is made using botanical fibres recovered from waste Cocoa shells.

  • Contain up to 45% cocoa shells

  • Food contact compliant, BFR36/2 and FDA certified

  • Available in basis weights from 40 gsm to 350 gsm

  • Available with and without oil and grease resistant treatment

Cocoa Paper has no dye treatment. This product has a gorgeous natural look. The below images show just how beautifully it can be treated design wise and if that were not enough to recommend it, read on....

The Jacunda Project

By including Cocoa Paper™ in your packaging designs you are contributing to the Jacunda Forestry REDD+ Project in Brazil. Intact tropical rainforests, are the ecosystem with the highest biodiversity and one of the most significant carbon sinks. The Jacunda project aims to preserve and manage areas in a sustainable and long-term manner.

Food industry & designers, take notice of this lovely packaging product of this product.

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